Simple Inventory List
for Probate

Which assets form the Estate?

What to prepare for Probate?

How to calculate the Value?

Simple Inventory List for Probate

Did you know that you will need a complete Inventory List for Probate application showing all of the deceased person’s assets and liabilities? Our probate accounting spreadsheet allows Executors to capture every bank account, property and credit card to automatically calculate what is part of the Estate based on ownership and determine the total value to apply for Grant of Probate or Letters of Administration.

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“This online guide and the affordable tools were invaluable.  They really helped me understand what needed to be done. They gave me the confidence to act as Joint Executor. The Beneficiaries were given a clear overview of my late mother’s estate value. I found using the assets and liabilities spreadsheet easy and intuitive.”


Chris Quinn



“I was blown away by the tools and procedures provided here at such an affordable cost.  I wish I had found this service sooner.  I thoroughly recommend this website, the tools and service”


Isabella Leifi



“I downloaded all Checklists & Tools, which proved very useful. It allowed me to keep all expenses of my late mother’s estate organised. It was easy to pay and download and wish I had known about simplyEstate sooner.”


Brian Crowley

Save up to 99 hours or $900 in Lawyer Fees

“We believe Executors should successfully administer an Estate without going in circles by using our Guide, Checklists & Tools.”

Checklists & Tools

Inventory List for Probate

$19 one-off

Automatically calculate the Estate value for Probate

  1. Inventory List for Probate (Assets & Liabilities Inventory)
  2. to capture the deceased person’s:
    – Assets
    – Liabilities
    – Home Contents
    – Personal Belongings

All Checklists & Tools

$39 one-off

Save 99 hours or $900 in lawyer fees1
  1. Important Documents Checklist
  2. Home Contents & Personal Belongings Inventory
  3. 10 Important Tasks to Finalise & Distribute the Deceased Estate
  4. Assets & Liabilities Inventory
  5. Inheritance Assessment Tool (Intestate – Without a Will)
  6. Beneficiary Inheritance Guide
  7. Estate Distribution Letter Sample
  8. Testamentary Costs & Executor Expense Tracker
  9. Executor & Administrator Timesheet
  10. Letter of Authorisation – Banks & Financial Institutions

What the Assets Inventory Looks Like

a picture of an assets & liabilities inventory allowing families to capture all assets and belongings making up the value of a deceased estate

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