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“I wish I’d found your site earlier in the process – it is incredibly useful, clear and easy to understand. I am most impressed with your customer service and helpfulness.”


Alison Bird
Melbourne VIC


“This online guide and the affordable tools were invaluable. They gave me the confidence to act as Executor. I personally recommend this team to any of my friends that is facing this daunting task.”


Chris Quinn

Townsville QLD


“I was blown away by the tools and procedures provided here at such an affordable cost. I used the Executor support service and spoke with Stephan who was incredibly generous with his knowledge and time.”


Isabella Leifi

Melbourne VIC

What is Your Approach?

Do it Yourself (DIY)

Use our Free Guide
250 hours Executor Time*

You want to administer the deceased estate yourself in honour of the deceased person.


Use our Support
Save 90 hours Executor Time*

You want to complete the estate administration yourself with ad-hoc or ongoing support.


Use a Probate Lawyer
Save 200 hours Executor Time*

You want to hand everything over and only get involved when absolutely necessary.

*The time taken for Executors or Administrators to administer a Deceased Estate are indicative only and vary depending on the size and complexity of each Deceased Estate including but not limited to the number of Beneficiaries, asset structure, number of property and family structure. The times assume a simple Estate and exclude legal disputes and litigation.

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Deceased Estate Overview

The Deceased Estate administration involves over 200 tasks and decisions.

«We believe in making Deceased Estate Administration simple, affordable and accessible for all Australians»

Stephan Dahinden

Managing Director & Founder

How We Can Help

Checklists & Tools

Download Australia’s most used Administrator and Executor Checklists & Tools.

Administration Support

Ask for administration support as you work through the Deceased Estate with confidence.

Legal Support

Ask for legal advice for legal questions or to defend the Estate from a claim.

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