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Protect Loved Ones | Estate Planning

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Protect your family and your estate should anything happen to you. Create your personal Estate Plan with ease and formalise all your wishes for peace of mind.

Lost a Loved One | Estate Administration

Gather and transfer all valuables, assets and liabilities of the deceased estate, to finalise and distribute the estate inheritances. Use Australia’s most comprehensive DIY guide.

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«We believe in making Estate Planning & Deceased Estate Administration simple, affordable and accessible for all Australians»

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“I wish I’d found your site earlier in the process – it is incredibly useful, clear and easy to understand. I am most impressed with your customer service and helpfulness.”


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“Fantastic resource, it has been my gospel during the estate administration process allowing me to just cross things off or read if they are relevant. Thanks for your effort and diligence in putting this information in the public domain.”

Kevin Dickinson


“I found your website and the extensive process guide extremely helpful to read about what needs to be done, and have purchased the tools so I can properly execute my wife’s will.”


Gary Wall


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