Last updated: August 2020

Executor & Administrator Support

Being an Executor or Administrator can be challenging due to unique circumstances.

Every estate is different, and certain family structures and dynamics lead to unique situations and challenges. No matter if you have previously acted in such an important role or are a first-timer, simplyEstate can provide guidance and support at any stage of the deceased administration process.

How We Can Support

Your Approach

Get Clarity

We can help you determine if you want to administer the estate:

  • yourself (DIY);
  • partially supported; or
  • fully supported.

Next Steps

Get Direction

We will help you develop:

  • an overall plan for broad guidance;
  • actions for a particular step; or
  • a specific plan to overcome an immediate challenge.

Engage a Lawyer or Specialist

Get Confidence

We help you engage a professional service by:

  • defining the problem;
  • articulating the questions you have; and
  • understanding the engagement process.

How We Charge

Free Appointment

During a free 15-minute phone appointment we will work with you to understand your situation and if we can help before we charge.

Paid Appointments

If you would like simplyEstate’s support and guidance, you can book phone appointments in:

  • 25-minute blocks at $60; and
  • 45-minute blocks at $100.

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