Last updated: August 2020

Deceased Estate Administration Guide

Executors and Administrators often don’t know where to start or what to do next. We can help you.

Use Australia’s most comprehensive deceased estate administration process guide to learn about the estate administration and know what you need to do. simplyEstate helps you find out where to start and what to complete next so you can work through everything in your own time.

Deceased Estate Administration Overview

The estate administration process is made up of eight main areas. Click on the item that you haven’t completed yet to find out more:

Where to Start?

Answer a few questions to find out where you should start by clicking on each answer.

How it Works

How simplyEstate Administration works

The Process Guide allows you to work through the deceased estate administration process in a structured way.


You have full control and decide at each step how much you want to do yourself, how much support you want from us or from one of our carefully selected Trusted Partners across Australia near you.

What Our Users Say


“Fantastic resource, it has been my gospel during the estate administration process allowing me to just cross things off or read if they are relevant. Thanks for your effort and diligence in putting this information in the public domain.”

Kevin Dickinson


“I wish I’d found your site earlier in the process – it is incredibly useful, clear and easy to understand. I am most impressed with your customer service and helpfulness.”


Alison Bird


“I found your website and the extensive process guide extremely helpful to read about what needs to be done, and have purchased the tools so I can properly execute my wife’s will.”


Gary Wall