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Step 9 - Request Allowances & Government Support

Last updated: June 2019

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This step explains everything you need to know to help determine if a dependent spouse or children are in a difficult financial situation and need support, and what types of allowances are available.


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9.1 Overview

The loss of a loved one is a difficult time. Especially where a spouse or child(ren) were financially dependent on the deceased person, the situation can feel even more overwhelming. The Australian Government provides several support services that may apply. You as the Executor, Administrator or Next of Kin should consider if:

  • any dependants (spouse or children) require financial support;
  • financial allowances may be needed to cover costs associated with the deceased estate administration;
  • any children are now double orphans;
  • a widow allowance applies; and
  • leave from an employer may available.

9.2 Government Allowances and Financial Support
9.3 Department of Veterans’ Affairs Support
9.4 Services Australia (formerly Department of Human Services)
9.5 Actions and Decisions to Complete Step

9.2 Government Allowances and Financial Support

The Australian Government and its Departments offer a range of support services in certain difficult financial circumstances. simplyEstate has listed the most common ones below for your convenience.

9.3 Department of Veterans' Affairs Support

If the deceased person received a pension or other payments from the Department of Veterans’ Affairs (DVA), you or the dependant of the deceased person may be eligible for support under both the:

This DVA website provides an overview of available assistance.

9.4 Services Australia (formerly Department of Human Services)

Services Australia comprises of Centrelink, Medicare and Child Support services.


Services Australia provides the following allowances that you or the deceased person’s dependants may be eligible for. Make sure to always check the eligibility criteria first as not all may apply in your situation:

If the partner of the deceased person is pregnant at the time of death, Human Services may provide additional financial support after verifying medical evidence of the pregnancy and the expected date of birth.


Services Australia

Phone: 132 300
Contact Hours: Monday – Friday 8:00am – 5:00pm AEST

9.5 Actions and Decisions to Complete Step

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If you have decided to tackle this Step yourself after reading and understanding this Step, you may want to:

  1. Identify if any dependants (spouse or children) of the deceased person require financial support;
  2. Determine if financial assistance may be needed to cover costs associated with the deceased estate administration or for everyday expenses and living costs;
  3. Establish if the financial assistance is needed immediately and for the duration of the deceased estate administration process or on an ongoing basis;
  4. Discuss the financial issue with the family and/or Beneficiaries to see how financial support could be provided in the meantime if the financial issue is only temporary until the estate is finalised in the coming months and the affected person agrees to discuss this matter;
  5. Determine if the death has resulted in any children now being double orphans and seek appropriate help from Human Services;
  6. Review the various allowances described in this Step to determine if one may apply to your situation;
  7. Contact the relevant department to explain the situation and enquire about the allowances available; and
  8. Check leave entitlements with the employer of affected persons to take time off to deal with the financial support and allowances.

Once you have completed all the necessary actions and decisions, you can move on to the next Step by clicking below or save progress at the top.

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