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Last updated: January 2020

Estate Planning Services

Take control of your estate and start getting organised today.

Our comprehensive and affordable Estate Planning Accounts provide you with everything you need to be certain you and your family are looked after in the best possible way.

Estate Planning Accounts


Special Price


20% Off

Usually $49

Help your Family by

making your wishes known

Use simplyEstate’s tools to store your wishes, decisions and critical information in one place.

Invest 2 hours

Save your Family 50 hours

& $500 – $2,0001


  • Service Provider Details (for one-click simplyNotify2 Service)
  • Online Account Details
  • Representative Details
  • Health & Care Wishes
  • Organ Donation Wishes
  • Funeral Wishes
  • Authorised Contacts
  • Receive tailored Life Insurance quotes
  • Receive tailored Funeral Insurance quotes



Special Price


30% Off

Usually $69

Protect your Family with

a fully organised estate

Use simplyEstate’s Will Instruction Tool to help you formalise your wishes.

Invest 2 x 2 hours

Save your Family 90 hours

& $2,000 – $15,0001

All Basic Services


  • Last Will & Testament Instruction Tool (expedite the time with your lawyer by being ready and save up to $1503 when drafting your Will)


Special Price


40% Off

Usually $199

Personalised support for

complete peace of mind

Use simplyEstate’s personalised assistance to help plan and administer your estate.

Invest 2 x 2 hours

Save your Family 120 hours

& $4,000 – $20,0001

All Essential Services


  • Personalised Estate Planning & Administration assistance for you and your Family4
  • One-click simplyNotify Service
  • simplyEstate Administration Tools & Checklists

Service Explanations

simplyNotify allows your Family or Personal Representative to inform all your nominated service providers about your death and request immediate cancellation of all services to save money with a single click.
simplyEstate Administration Tools & Checklists allows your Family or Personal Representative to administer your estate more efficiently.

Our Promise

If you are not entirely happy with our Estate Planning Service, we will refund you in full if cancelled within the first 30 days.

Refer to our Terms & Condition here.

simplyEstate's Refund Promise

Things you should know

1Stated savings are estimates only and depend if the estate administration will be undertaken by your family or a professional. The stated financial savings are made up of professional services fees including but not limited to legal, executor and accounting services, bill payments that would no longer be required but were not cancelled in time, late fees, dispute litigation and exclude any insurance policy payouts including but not limited to life and funeral insurances.


2simplyNotify is a tool provided by simplyEstate as part of the Estate Administration service offering. The notification service relies on the Estate Planning Member having captured all their service providers to allow their family or personal representative to issue notice of death to all with one click and request immediate termination of services to save money. This service is separately sold to Estate Administration Members and is not included in the Basic and Essential Estate Planning Services as outlined on this page. This service is included in the Assisted Estate Planning Service as outlined on this page.

3Estimated savings of $150 is based on legal fees being reduced by approximately 30 minutes by preparing your instructions hence reducing the need for a lawyer to discuss basic information about the purpose, function and options of a Last Will & Testament and taking down your beneficiaries’ details by making these available beforehand.


4Complimentary Estate Administration Support by simplyEstate as part of the Essential Estate Planning Service as outlined on this page is restricted to two hours. Additional hours can be purchased separately by Estate Administration Members as required. simplyEstate will be able to support an Estate Planning Member’s family or personal representative by providing an overview of the administration process, recommend a specialist where required or bespoke administrative tasks to which simplyEstate must agree to at the time of request by the surviving family or personal representative.


Refer to our full Terms & Conditions here.

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